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Objective This lab tackles using Game API components in javaME. It is required to write a Pac-Man Game....

Good java chess game source code

Gobang is also known as GoMoku, or 5-in-a-row.This is a traditional oriental game played with black and white stones on a 19x19 GO board.This game was invented in ancient times of China, developed in Japan and quickly spread in Europe. It is simple to learn but difficult to master and this made it g...

androidpn-client demo

For Android push technology, with more or AndroidPn. Because of the Push server side, the pressure test. Of course, it is impossible to find thousands of mobile phones to test. So can only be simulated by the PC client side of the AndroidPN, each thread represents a AndroidPN client...

java puzzle game source code

I have written is written in java, java games, there are still some shortcomings, deficiencies raised hope, correct! Usage: by the mouse on the appropriate message, image moving....

java simulation of piano

1) programming: first of all, this exercise in order to make Instances of simulated piano , So the first thing you want to build the program interface: via statement Image m_ImgUp Keyboard picture is displayed when generating the keyboard, mouse, and statements Image m_ImgDown Build keyboard, the k...

java simple student management system

Course design of student management system in java, including source code and course design. Find all the Internet, don't steal, don't want me indecent assault, I was unable to. Because of exams coming up, I haven't paid the curriculum design, you're upset is not upset....

java Application Medicine management application

This is java application Medicine management  application. It is content management system...

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