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OpenGL fountain codes

VC6.0 OpenGL-based fountain effect is very realistic, scenarios can be achieved roaming, fountain in a total of 7 models, use of mapping technology, makes the images more beautiful, using spray technology, simulates the ripples of water falling in the pool, in the animation process, insert the dubbi...

OpenGL Gallery

One can become a maze, can become a gallery of 3D programs, using the OpenGL library, c language, VC++ can be used to open, which uses mapping technology, can achieve walkthrough, add music, matrix modified in 0,1 Gallery parameters you can modify the layout of the scene changes, can be turned into...

OpenGL 3D model load

Model implemented using OpenGL is loaded. OpenGL + C++ 3-dimensional model of the load, and display the loaded result...

OpenGL sample programs

VC6.0++ and written in OpenGL-based 3D graphics display cases, and experience help beginners learn OpenGL! Project complete, run!...

OpenGL tutorial

Source code compile with CMAKE. Altogether 18 programs, divided into program code and shader code, each run separately. In the playground, you can write your own OpenGL program....

OpenGL implementation of three-dimensional walkthrough

Using OpenGL in VC environment to achieve a three-dimensional walkthrough in the scene including ground, a cube, a tetrahedron, keyboard control, roaming, as well as cube and tetrahedron respectively in each direction of rotation ......

OpenGL Draw 3D instrument

Draw 3D using OpenGL and MFC instrument, by "option to set the instruments parameters->" you can set the  starting and ending point of the instrument dial scale, scale,Min/max value, unit and the meter pointer indicates the value of the current Press the left arrow and arrow ke...

OpenGL rendering image elements

This is what I wrote an OpenGL program to achieve the basic image elements to draw points, lines, surfaces, etc., can be controlled via the keyboard. Function is simple and clear, easy to understand the source code, suitable for beginners OpenGL for viewing....

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