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二分查找(Binary Search) 二分查找又稱折半查找,它是一種效率較高的查找方法。 二分查找要求:線性表是有序表,即表中結點按關鍵字有序,并且要用向量作為表的存儲結構。不妨設有序表是遞增有序的。...

Face detection and recognition based attendence system

My project was to create a unique attendence system which detects the faces of the students present and marks their attendence accordingly. We got face detection code from the above link and modified it further decreasing redundencies and errors particular to our project. we achieved 93% accuracy. N...

C# warehouse management system

Application backgroundTo achieve the basic information of the warehouse, warehouse operations, inventory reports, system management functionsCS architecture... hotel management system

Based on c # .net written in hotel management system which comes with a database to complete all of the features required for ordinary hotels...

Hospital management system using

Hospital management systemDescription:                           The hospital management software is excellent software in the hospital management field. It manages all section of the hospital like reception, lab, inventory and ac...

FANUC Focas lib 2.5 complete development kits and Protocol test tools

Application backgroundFOCAS 2.5 complete development of data packets, including a detailed development documentation, including testing procedures for testing machine tools...

ZK attendance machine secondary development

Using TCP/IP communication, with c # 2010, you can upload and download data, deleting administrators, manage attendance time, number...

NET rapid development framework of common permissions system

NET rapid development framework of common permissions system to quickly develop programs preferred (used actually works well)...

C # TCP Socket multi-threaded communication (contains both server-side and client-side)

Original text from CSDN, service bug has been modified. Features: threaded Socket TCP/IP communication, the splash screen. Development environment: VS2010 c #...

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