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Windows下通過WinIO驅動,通過SMBUS讀取內存的SPD信息。目前支持Intel ICHx / ATI SB400,600 / SIS692 /nFo...

Windows driver through WinIO through SMbus read the SPD memory information. Currently supports the Intel ICHx/ATI SB400, 600/SIS692/nForce CK804/VIA xxx Series South Bridge....


hope I upload these things can be programmed to engage in a little small to help programmers! Thank you!...

Using C++ to write the 3 axis PC software can explain the G code

Application backgroundThis information is a CNC CNC software, C++ language can be written to explain the NC G code software. Very helpful for beginners....

smart ant algorithm

smart ant algorithm-- ant colony algorithm improvements for VRP for TSP...


Delaunay triangulation algorithm arbitrary two-dimensional or three-dimensional triangular point mesh C...

ADPCM audio codec, using standard C language programming, realize G.711, G.72 3,...

ADPCM audio codec, using standard C language programming, realize G.711, G.72 3,16 K, 24K, 32K Algorithm...


use particle system simulation technology explosion of a ball of debris cascade effect...

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