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MATLAB+Simulink modeling and simulation of communication systems explains the Matlab source code

MATLAB+Simulink modeling and simulation of communication systems explains the fundamentals of communication systems based on the most typical design, consists of the following simulation: DS_CDMA and communication systems such as OFDM simulation source codes. (1) Chapter02:.MDL format file is a virt...

Source code AS3 UDP connections

AS3 source UDP connections, user-friendly changes, connecting simple and easy modification... php

full-played poker-room source code official web-page - need to translations...

PCRat source code

Application backgroundPCRat source PCRat PCRat source PCRat PCRat source code...


video chat source, users can video chat, video chat over, almost no delay, to facilitate video conferencing....

Flex recording source to generate wav audio files

A very simple flex recording function, recording is finished, generate wav audio format files...

This is a drawing

This is a drawing of the Flash file, and can be wiped out, as well as a small blackboard, which is free to draw what they want for everyone to share....

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