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Markov Chain Monte Carlo stochastic differential equations

Markov Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods (including random walk Monte Carlo methods) is a set of algorithms by Markov chains from randomly sampled DIBEN steps before. More results, the better. Establishment of a Markov chain is not difficult for a specified property. Difficult is how to reach qu...


這是統計計算的一些原數據,我自己交作業所用的作業 現在共享了, 大家期末好好考試,  謝謝, 加油加油, 統計的,數學的都可以用,或者不是專業的數學系也可以用,作為練習等等 都是很好的...

Online Examination System Project (JAVA)

Online Examination System Project (JAVA) helps students to practice various types of tests through online. There are websites like w3schools , khan academy which helps students to learn computer languages. Our project idea is to design a simple web based application which can help students take demo...

Neural Network Design

This source code is Martin T.Hagan waiting for the neural network in design of all sections of source code examples....

SAS program study materials

SAS procedures, attached to the original question and answer, is a basic program written in SAS software questions, will help especially for beginners in SAS, SAS statistical software for data analysis, learners of statistics is very important, wanted me to these few examples to help everyone....

Awk shell manual page simple translation

Application backgroundThis is my translation of the awk text processing language, is the use of Markdown generated HTML file. If there is not the correct place in the translation please put forward valuable suggestions....


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