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Vehicle detection and tracking using OpenCV

This is the source code of vehicle detection and tracking using OpenCV.  It was tested and can run very well. It implements road vehicle detection and tracking. This is a very hot topic in traffic area....

ABAQUS umat composites progressive action subroutines

Using ABAQUS finite element software to model composites, composites prepared using Fortran language subroutines three dimensional progressive injury. Define composite constitutive model in the program, injury criteria criterion of three dimensional Hashin....


Matlab-related tutorials, which contains a lot of information very helpful for learning Matlab' s friends...

Halcon color recognition

Color classification case, shows how to use the classifier to achieve color recognition. The file contains a chromatogram images, demo program and SVM classifier file.Programs generally thought:1. Place the image into HSV space;2. The collection of sample points for each color, adding to the SVM cla...


SIMULATION OF DISTANCE VECTOR ROUTING USING NS2 SIMULATOR In this project it describes the simulation of distance vector routing using Ns2 simulator  I have attched the snapshop of all output also Follow the steps by installing linux followed by ns2 simulator To study the performance of ...

J1939 source code, support PIC18F MCU. Have a detailed description of the docume...

J1939 source code, support PIC18F MCU. Have a detailed description of the document, to facilitate transplantation....

OpenGL 3D model load

Model implemented using OPENGL is loaded. OpenGL + C++ 3-dimensional model of the load, and display the loaded result...

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