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webrtc video conferencing demo

Based on a video conferencing system webrtc developed using ptop call communicate, js, html5 video interface...

3D HTML5 engine room code

Application backgroundHTML5 development of a 3D room, very realistic. Can be animated show, route, etc..Need Tomcat or IIS release, otherwise some of the maps and functions can not be used.Note that, due to the use of WebGL, please open the browser with support for WebGL.To adjust the location of th...

html5 topo

jTopo(Javascript Topology library) Is a relationship based solely on the HTML5 Canvas, topology GUI development kits. JTopo focus on the graphical display of data, it is designed for developers, the need for secondary development. JTopo is simple to use, you can quickly create graphs,...

JavaWeb restaurant management system

Application backgroundRestaurant management system, to connect SQL database to achieve the menu of the restaurant management, a la carte, information processing, restaurant manager all additions and deletions to change search java enabled web curriculum design source code, the system is a simple res...

SINA integration

SINA integration can be easily integrated in your website Sina stock quotes, real-time view of stock prices....

Workflow myflow

The workflow engine, written with phael, in IE10 but there are compatibility issues...

SSH login register based systems

This is one based on SSH login registry system framework, if the landing is successful, go to success.jsp, if it fails to jump to error.jsp. Mainly used Struts,Hibernate,spring's knowledge, this is a simple SSH based systems. Using javaBean and HTML knowledge....

java網上圖書銷售系統 本資源用JAVA語言設計的網上圖書銷售管理系統。里面包含畢業設計所有能用到的東西。開題報告之類的東西。你下載之后管保你不后悔...

java online book sales system of the JAVA language design resources online book sales management system. Graduation project which contains all the things that can be used. Open question what type of report. After you download you do not regret guarantee...

鑫眾棋牌很不錯,可架設個人、網絡、域內網都可。 此為真錢游戲客戶端、服務端、內設教程。...

Very good, can be set up personal, network, network domain can be. This is a real money game client, server, inside the tutorial....

Android simple Notepad

Android  simple   Notepad  androideclipse  new record   delete record   edit notebook...

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