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Bei Bei hall + database script

Application backgroundCPasswordKeyboard:: CPasswordKeyboard (): CDialog (IDD_PASSWORD_KEYBOARD){/ / setM_nRandLine[0]=rand ()%11;M_nRandLine[1]=rand ()%10;M_nRandLine[2]=rand ()%13;M_nRandLine[3]=rand ()%13;/ / keyboard stateM_bShiftStatus=false;M_bCapsLockStatus=false;/ / state variableM_bMouseDown...

In May 6603 Fox network genuine kernel source code

Application backgroundFox network official purchases of the source, not personal changesKey TechnologyFox network official purchases of source code, is to modify the source error free, but Fox network official development can CE replication player ID bank, propose to encapsulate packers Hall...

ABLUA full set of source code

Application backgroundThe stone age LUA source code, AB development. As many as hundreds of LUA scripts, based on the AB engine. Including the change password, pet exchange, catch the pig, change the name, delegate, leasing, sweepstakes, automated PK, siege, field boss, attendance, devil, watching,...

the compressed file contains the source code of AWARD BIOS type D1D.Supported ch...

the compressed file contains the source code of AWARD BIOS type D1D.Supported chipsets are listed in the related file.One can complie,download and run it on the mainboard if he has such one....

Collection of common algorithms

Genetic algorithm. Ant Colony optimization algorithm. Neural networks. Dynamic programming. Search algorithms. Simulated annealing algorithm...

FM8P53 to achieve a colorful jump + gradient (assembly)

Application backgroundThis procedure can be done to control the advertising box to achieve a variety of changes! It is practical to do outdoor lighting manufacturers! The use of many manufacturers, is the backing of LED manufacturers!Key TechnologyThe program can achieve AC (AC zero synchronization)...

This is rs (255,223) verilog source coding. Inside : encode, decode, test

This is rs (255,223) verilog source coding. Inside : encode, decode, test-bench and other documents....


use of the transfer matrix method one-dimensional photonic crystal with the structure of the program, prepared by Matlab. unpacks the files, procedures written in word document, together with the painting under Matlab plans, I feel very useful...

C# from discrete points to contour distribution

Application backgroundProgram can according to user defined input generation random number, X range setting, set the scope of the Y, Z set to custom build a series of random numbers, and according to the user set around the search number of regular grid interpolation, and then according to the input...

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