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Firefly algorithm for TSP problem Matlab code

This code is the recent intelligent swarm algorithm for TSP problem, Firefly algorithm with fast convergence features of rapid convergence to the optimal solution, and the Firefly algorithm for discretization to adapt to solve TSP problem....

GPS data acquisition source

Realization of GPS data acquisition, data format, analyze the latitude and longitude, time, navigation and format. Codes are used on our devices is realized. Implements the data module, function and structure....

change technology in cadence

Can either convert a single cellView - in the current window...

Automobile sale management system

This software can log in to the user to classify the type of authority, different types of users corresponding operation function.Vehicle Purchasing Department: Purchasing a vehicle can be realized on a single storage.Warehouse Management: All vehicle information can be queried in the library curren...

Weka, Decision Tree for 1 year salaries analysis

Weka, Decision Tree for 1 year salaries analysis with Persian description in word format. Extensions are .arff format, and we use j48 data to do this work....

In Python PSO

Application backgroundSwarm Optimization Particle (PSO) is a kind of optimization method based on the population dynamics, which is derived from the simulation of social behavior. In a society, the individual's behavior will not only be influenced by the individual's past experience and cognition, b...

Apriori algorithm

This text file include one of the important datamining algorithm. Which call Apriori Algorithm. It prefind the frequency items. also it make a kind of item set to idantify the relationship between items....

Network test collection

It collected for classical types of written papers interview about the network, for example: 1 、 OSI ( Open System Interconnect ): Open systems interconnection, is a seven-layer model for computer network, namely: the physical layer, data link layer, network layer, transport layer, and sessi...

Configure a remote OPC

Remote OPC configuration, two Taiwan computer connection OPC of when needs configuration of things remote OPC configuration, two Taiwan computer connection OPC of when needs configuration of things remote OPC configuration, two Taiwan computer connection OPC of when needs configuration of things rem...

bilgisayar birimleri test pro?ramlar?

Unique method provides detailed testing hard drives Drive diagnosis and quality elektronikdurum Magnetic surface. According to the reading speed for all chart types CD tracks to be able to conclusions about bad bloklar?nvarl?g and substitution follows. Unlike other utilities that use low subs...


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