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SPH OpenGl Simulation

Project is based on Matthias Müller's (et al.) research of applying Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) to fluid simulation - essentially simulating fluid as thousands of small particles, rather than the traditional Eulerian grid-based approach.Coded in C++ with OpenGL....

Three dimensional reconstruction of kinect

Using kinect2.0 scanning rotate the body model, the reconstruction of the human body model, in the OpenGL display three-dimension reconstruction model....

SPH fluid simulation openGL implementation

Using SPH to achieve the collision of glass and water, Using C ++ and openGL platform for joint implementation. Really good....

OpenGL to simulate flight and combat

Dynamic flight of aircraft developed from the C++,opengl and roaming the terrain, as well as missiles, shooting targets game emulator. Picture real, the effect is Good, you can control the mouse is pressed missile flight attitude and reflection. Very high reference value! Recommended!...

Three dimensional facial modeling

C++ code for modeling from images and extracts can be run directly, you can see a rotating three dimensional facial model...

By Kinect v2.0+ VS2012+openCV2.4.9 map color frames to deep space

Himself, in combination with Kinect v2.0+ VS2012+openCV2.4.9, color frames mapped into deep space, wanted to take advantage of available information at home and abroad, but could only find MapDepthrFrameToColorSpace, transformation of space, could not find readily available programs can use the open...

OpenGL 3D snake

OpenGL 3D snake source code...

OpenGL fountain codes

VC6.0 OpenGL-based fountain effect is very realistic, scenarios can be achieved roaming, fountain in a total of 7 models, use of mapping technology, makes the images more beautiful, using spray technology, simulates the ripples of water falling in the pool, in the animation process, insert the dubbi...

OpenGL 3D model load

Model implemented using OPENGL is loaded. OpenGL + C++ 3-dimensional model of the load, and display the loaded result...

OpenGL solar system

OpenGL solar system. The sporting relations between the planets and the Sun....

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