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SIP video client

SIP clients written in VC, used with SIP proxy server, no additional library files can be directly compiled...

Video conference based on SIP protocol source code

Video conference based on SIP protocol source, which contains the AudioConference,DSP,include,TestVideoConference,TestVoiceConference, VCodec_Xvid,VideoConference directory, the corresponding SIP and video conferencing users have very good help....

sip voip delphi

this project is a simple client of sip Voip soft phone you have just to configure your sip server name and pass word and proxy then you have to know all IP addresses of your client and have fun to make call with your friends also you have the open source code to make what you want as changes . Have...

Openjsip-using the JAIN SIP server implementation is completed

OpenJSIP JAIN implements a complete SIP registration server and the SIP proxy server, and using distributed architecture improves performance and concurrency.At the current stage of development the project includes:SIP ProxyStatefull operationStateless operationSIP RegistrarStandalone (can listen to...

SIP Based VOIP Phone

SIP based VOIP phone.  It contains the dialer panel, APIs for programmer, C based core source code and testing software.The source code structure is listed below :build : makefile and etc.console : command line based dialer consolecoreapi :  core source code in C.  Supports SIP IP pho...

SIPP call script

SIPP call script produced for Beijing Mobile project, mainly for user registration, call scripting, the practical application in the concurrent calls a test project of Beijing Mobile, very useful....

DirectShow implementation method of real time video transmission

DirectShow implementation method of real time video transmission...

Based eXosip2, osip2 the UAC and UAS code

Description: example of realization of Internet communications based on SIP protocol, from Baidu. Have been tested and can be successfully compiled.Used platforms: VS2010Lib directories library, eXosip2.lib, libeay32.libosip2.lib, osipparser2.lib, ssleay32.libInc directory: used by the library heade...


VC prepared by the SIP proxy server, no additional libraries, compile VC prepared directly SIP proxy server, no additional library is directly compiled...

TSAPI# project

This is the  TSAPI# project ("tsapi")                                This project was registered on on Jun&nb...


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