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C# agsxmpp 即時聊天

  一個很好用的xmpp開發即時聊天的列子  適合初學者   agsxmpp 即時聊天  支持多vs版本   ...

Many people Webpage video voice chat room system

Many people Webpage video voice chat room system* demo address:* E-Mail: [email protected]* upgrade time 2013.07.15* the commercial version of authorized contact QQ:82170713* /Upgrade recordIncrease the quick reply functionAdd props gift functionIncreased flower ranking functionIn...

Autumn fly feiQ chat

Wrote a simple LAN Chat utility can chat, send some simple games look, pictures, screenshots, files developed using Qt, language using the c++ code has comments, can understand. Need to use Qt to complete run...

Java LAN Chatting

Chatting via LAN, hanya bisa chatting, belum bisa kirim file. editor : jcreator *tugas matkul mobile programming....

IOCP multiplayer chat room

I/O completion ports Chat source code implementing the C&S pattern, Efficient service to multiple clients. IOCP provides a solution, "each client consumes one thread" bottleneck approach, use only a few threads, asynchronous input/output for sending/receiving data, able to maintain thousands of...

Dove source code

LAN communication tool - Dove source code (Windows system)...

ChatRoom chat program

An MFC-based chat program, simultaneous two-way communication; an MFC-based chat program, simultaneous two-way communication;...

Android and IOS live chat software

Realization of Android and PC, Android phone and phone communications between, and IOS must end and computer communications, and IOS mobile phones and mobile communication...

LAN chat system based on Qt

Previously downloaded chat system. Multiplayer chat and transfer files. You can choose the font, color, whether it is underlined, you can save or clear chat history. Run automatically when you logon, obtain an IP address. Simple and practical, it is worth learning!...

Chat program

AppWizard has created this chat program application for you. This applicationnot only demonstrates the basics of using the Microsoft Foundation classesbut is also a starting point for writing your application....

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