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bookshoponline in php

this is sourec code is a project for mini project for student who study in university ,it is a easy code student can edit and  understand the code can edit, as you want...

Micro letter secondary development: custom menu

1, locate the AppId and AppSecret. Custom menu when you apply successfully in the "advanced features" – "development mode"-"interface configuration information" of the last two is 2, according to the AppId and AppSecret, to HTTPS Get method to obtain the voucher requi...

Login Filtering

This code is useful for filtering based on user login entry is made. when we memasukana user then some MenuStrip will not appear, but when we enter a user adminisistrator then all MenuStrip displayed....

Resource loading DLL

Resource loading, DLL, windows applications with a simple method to load the DLL example conceal from memory, more valuable....

menu corner det

clear k = 0; clc while k < 3; k = menu('ANGLE AND ABSULOTE CONTENT AF PICTURES','SELECT TWO DESIRE PICTURES ','HELP','Exit'); if k == 1 a=input('enter the name of your FIRST file (for exapmle moon.tif between two coteishen ) = '); b=input('enter the name of your SECCOND file (f...

iquyiuiy iwueuyuyu uy uy

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns="" xml:lang="ru-ru" lang="ru-ru" > <head>...

Estructura Menu

Aqui el codigo fuente de la Estructura de menú normalmente lo USO Parr dar Privilegios sin los Usuarios Que ingresan a mi Sistema...

Dropline Menu Tag Library

Translated by [email protected] Author:Prasad [email protected] This article presents a JSP tag library for a Drop Line Flyout Menu. This menu currently supports only two levels, however with the addition of new CSS rules it can support multiple levels. The HTML markup of this contr...


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