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LabVIEW-based voice changer

Speech is one of the characteristics, different people have different voices, but in some special cases, people want to change your voice to hide their identity. Voice modulation technology came into being, by changing the frequency and amplitude of the sound changing sound purposes. This work by so...

MATLAB speech signal processing

The source package contains the song, "MATLAB told used in speech signal analysis and application in the synthesis of" a Book of the matlab program, a detailed description of the operation inside the program directory, as follows:CatalogThe first chapter of the production and perception of...

Delphi development and call system TTS broadcast and generate voice file text to voice

Application backgroundDelphi development call system TTS broadcast and generate voice file  Key TechnologySupport text conversion speech file and save   voice broadcast and generate voice file wav format...

Matlab GUI recording and audio processing

Using Matlab GUI for audio recording, audio playback (pause), and the ability to dynamically display the audio waveform in time domain and frequency domain waveforms, simple processing of voice, realize the rooms back to the sound effects, stereo, remixes (based on cyclic convolution), male and fema...

audio segmentation

This code is the one for audio segmentation cluster code is based on code from others, have certain effects for audio segmentation, which you want to project, if you do for speaker identification and speech separation....

Speech synthesis Delphi

Application backgroundThe use of speech synthesis engine, realize the function of text to speech, simple and practicalKey TechnologyThe speech synthesis function of the call....

Real-time voice communication control

語音通信控件,集成G729A壓縮算法,實時傳輸協議,支持一對一,一對多,多對多的實時通話,話音清晰,流暢!使用簡單方便!(1) 利用多線程機制,實現錄音、網絡傳輸、放音同時進行。 (2) 網絡壅塞處理,保證數據不...

Echo cancellation software

Software eliminates the sound echoes, suitable for voice calls to eliminate the echo. Code echo data obtained through the speakers and MIC voice data through analysis and comparison of the cache, use special algorithms eliminate echoes data, so as to achieve the goal of eliminating echo....

MFCC feature extraction of C++ implementation has been tested

Step 1 read WAV format audio data (stored in arrays)2 framing an array operation, or setting a fixed number of frames classifies3 write MFCC module code, implement MFCC parameters of the compiler, C++ implementation of MFCC MFCC feature extraction, finally extracting a 13-d about the final results a...

Speech separation MATLAB

Speech separation based on Computational auditory scene analysis algorithms, computational auditory scene analysis attempts to use computer technology based on the human auditory and auditory mental process simulation of physiological processes, so that your computer has the process sounds like the...

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