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VB calendar

VB calendar applet, is very useful to learn VB controls Private Sub picMonth_Paint ()Dim i As Integer, j As Integer, x As Integer, y As IntegerDim NumDays As Integer, CurrPos As Integer, bCurrMonth As BooleanDim MonthStart As Date, buffer As String\'Determine if this month is today\'s monthIf Month(...

Soft-PLC ladder diagram

PLC programming interface for designing with a VC, able to make the transformation from ladder diagram to a list of instructions! Software was developed by PLC systems system and run the system consists of two parts, PLC software development systems is actually a set of editing, debugging, and compi...

Solid high motion control system source code

Application backgroundSolid high motion control system source code, detailed code, explain G codeKey TechnologySystem application of motion control card, and the classic of the control of solid motion, all complete code. Including MIT, DDA search algorithm....

Express print templates, online designs

An online visual way, dragging way to design lightweight Front Desk Express print template component; provides common templates for dozens of courier companies and some common parameters are preset, supported amending the; configuration items are very rich, except for some standard items, items can...

MFC,point cloud ,PCL

MFC, point cloud, PCL, use PCL point cloud make surface, use C++ to change surface, can usePCL function conveniently. ...

Micro-channel printer client

Micro-channel printer client source code, like friends can download to see using wpf developed to achieve a print queue and print time computing, printing is completed by webprint, give you a reference...

Fox classic version of the system module source code

Application backgroundFox classic help system module complete source code and database scriptKey TechnologyThe latest version of the classic Fox network, more comprehensive, more vivid picture....

WINDOWS8 HTML5 development of OA system interface style

HTML5 development of OA system interface for OA development interface, WINDOWS8 style...

APF code 28335

DSP28335 program APF   after tested  realllly good DSP28335 program dp0 methods are used hope your guys like it...

The hospital management information system

Weifang hospital management information system. This system is written in Java language, involves the programming tools for Eclipse, the database uses is MySql. Below I will describe in detail the overall set. This system is used in c/s mode, the interface is simple and intuitive and easy to...

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