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Employee leave management system

2014-08-14 11:15:19
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The software managed to keep all the records of the ministry employees. At first the employees managment are supposed to register. During this process, a unique username and pasword would be given through which they could log in and clarify any doubts.
According to their login information, access levels would be allocated to them. All the important details were then saved in the database. They are then put to different access level. At the end of the leave or begining, along with information, that particular employees daily, monthly and yearly reports would be made available through querrying the database.

Access levels: here all users were programmed to ony access what they are auhorised  and entitled to. User classification included ordinary employees, admin and directors of various departments, each level with its own set of security level on information access. The levels were identified by the position identification (posid) as below:

·       FC-3à employees with little admin previllages: they  file leave, view available leave, view leave information and search leave.

·       DR-2àemployees with limited admin credentials like  searching employees, viewing their detailed information and aproving leave

·       PE-5à High level employees with little admin credentials like:  search employees, file leave, view available leave, and view leave information with 15 day leave.

·       AD-1à employees with all admin credentials and include: search employees, list employees, manage report pending leave and print leave reports, carry out maintenance like adding user, add employee, edit user, edit employee, delete user, delete employee and finally backup database  

·       PR-4àordinary employees with 7day leave

NB: An employee is added by one of the admin (AD-1, FC-3, PE-5) level group and leave is filed by authorised access level here to do it, employee only places request. Admin level (AD-1,DR-2) then approves it when in pending state.

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Name Size Date
add-employee.php8.98 kB04-07-14 10:43
add-user.php3.26 kB04-07-14 10:27
approve.php157.00 B07-02-09 04:33
date-added.php496.00 B14-02-09 00:10
db-backup-1371292492-5cac8f65a378cc19b150279db357c567.sql3.23 kB15-06-13 06:34
db-backup-1371360757-5cac8f65a378cc19b150279db357c567.sql3.80 kB16-06-13 01:32
db-backup-1371377572-5cac8f65a378cc19b150279db357c567.sql4.88 kB16-06-13 06:12
db-backup-1402914697-5cac8f65a378cc19b150279db357c567.sql6.12 kB16-06-14 13:31
db_backup.php1.79 kB09-11-08 22:21
del-users.php2.39 kB09-02-09 14:49
delete-employee.php2.51 kB07-02-09 05:11
delete-users.php2.32 kB10-02-09 14:45
del_emp.php2.44 kB07-02-09 05:14
deny.php158.00 B07-02-09 04:33
edate.php499.00 B13-02-09 13:42
edit-user.php2.15 kB14-02-09 00:05
editemp-frm.php3.08 kB30-12-08 15:53
edit_emp.php5.08 kB29-11-08 23:07
emp-list.php6.30 kB04-02-09 14:35
emp-profile.php1.67 kB14-02-09 00:03
endate.php499.00 B13-02-09 13:44
fdate.php487.00 B12-02-09 13:24
footer.html104.00 B18-06-14 18:01
header.html5.94 kB18-06-14 15:10
start.php344.00 B16-12-08 05:35
dwsync.xml286.00 B18-06-14 18:01
index.php2.14 kB25-06-14 15:21
logout.php848.00 B18-06-14 17:45
main-index.php397.00 B16-06-14 13:26
month.php486.00 B11-02-09 07:10
month2.php499.00 B13-02-09 14:59
print-report.php1.17 kB11-02-09 07:07
print.php5.41 kB25-06-14 13:41
search-edit.php3.86 kB17-12-08 06:09
search-edituser.php3.86 kB17-12-08 06:11
search.php3.89 kB15-06-13 12:53
verify-editemp.php561.00 B09-02-09 08:09
verifyedit-user.php454.00 B09-02-09 14:35
view-leave.php3.06 kB17-06-13 04:32
viewedit-employee.php5.72 kB14-02-09 00:15
viewedit-user.php4.38 kB09-02-09 07:03
viewpending-leaves.php2.50 kB15-06-13 12:49
dwsync.xml860.00 B04-07-14 10:43
ccse.sql7.20 kB15-08-13 06:14
date.inc.php589.00 B07-11-08 17:12
dbcon.php467.00 B11-06-14 17:19
dapproved.php184.00 B27-02-09 02:11
ddeny.php191.00 B07-02-09 04:33
emp-profile.php1.66 kB14-02-09 00:02
footer.html104.00 B18-06-14 18:00
header.html6.01 kB18-06-14 17:50
start.php344.00 B08-09-08 13:34
dwsync.xml286.00 B18-06-14 18:00
logout.php848.00 B18-06-14 17:43
main-index.php403.00 B18-06-14 17:58
search.php3.96 kB16-06-13 00:26
view-leave.php1.98 kB16-06-13 01:29
viewpending-leaves.php2.50 kB16-06-13 00:28
dwsync.xml288.00 B18-06-14 17:58
fidfrm.php1.64 kB16-06-13 01:15
approval.jpg1.82 kB01-12-08 06:42
approved.jpg1.87 kB01-12-08 06:40
back.gif7.49 kB15-10-08 20:36
Brain_Mill_Logo_1b-1.gif8.41 kB16-02-09 13:23
cancel.gif2.49 kB11-02-09 00:45
delete.jpg1.61 kB01-12-08 06:43
disapproval.jpg1.99 kB01-12-08 06:42
disapproved.jpg2.07 kB01-12-08 06:42
edit.jpg1.35 kB30-11-08 00:37
exthome.png79.83 kB16-02-09 12:16
login.gif208.73 kB08-02-09 07:34
logo.png106.01 kB16-06-14 13:23
nzoia.jpg425.23 kB15-06-13 15:31
print2.gif2.50 kB31-12-08 03:14
resume.gif3.03 kB30-12-08 15:26
top.gif13.75 kB16-06-14 13:36
view.gif2.52 kB20-12-08 00:06
top.gif.mno113.00 B16-06-14 13:36
footer.html104.00 B16-06-14 12:39
header.html5.76 kB18-06-14 17:51
start.php344.00 B08-09-08 13:34
dwsync.xml286.00 B18-06-14 17:51
index.php2.17 kB19-06-14 10:24
leave.php8.69 kB30-07-14 17:17
logout.php842.00 B18-06-14 17:27
main-index.php380.00 B18-06-14 18:07
mysql_connect.php645.00 B07-11-08 03:55
<NSC>0.00 BSystem.ppt 1940992
Reminder.txt192.00 B12-05-09 07:22
Resume.doc35.50 kB18-06-13 00:14
search.php3.50 kB16-06-13 01:21
setid.php1.31 kB21-02-09 08:21
view-availableleave.php1.41 kB07-02-09 04:59
view-leave.php1.67 kB20-02-09 15:51
viewpending-leaves.php2.19 kB16-06-13 01:17
dwsync.xml621.00 B30-07-14 17:17
<_notes>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<_notes>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<includes>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<New>0.00 B0% 15-06-13
<_notes>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<includes>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<_notes>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<_notes>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<_notes>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<admin>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<database>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<director>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<images>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<includes>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<presentation>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<resume>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<sick-leave>0.00 B28-04-09 00:20
<_notes>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
<OnlineLeaveSystem>0.00 B09-08-14 11:29
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